Patriot Insurance is a dedicated group of individuals who provide property and casualty insurance and bonding services to individual business owners, corporations, associations and nonprofit organizations.

We are committed to excellence and in forming a direct business partnership with our clients. Doing so allows our service to become an effective tool for organizations competing in a global marketplace.

As a privately held insurance brokerage firm, we like you, face an ever-increasing parade of legislation, which can change the effectiveness of our businesses on a daily basis.

In this complex and rapidly changing financial environment, it is critical that individuals and businesses protect their financial resources and assets. This requires careful analysis and prudent selection of the proper insurance coverages.

Our goal is to implement a definitive insurance program that will safeguard your organization, protect your assets and effectively drive down the costs of covering your exposures.

Our company began in 1989 with just three employees and a small two room office. Our agency has the distinction of insuring over 1,200 non-profit organizations nationwide and is recognized as an industry leader in this field.